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Conveniently located in Oakland, the lawyers of Bohbot & Riles have been providing their legal expertise in the greater Bay Area, including Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Contra Costa and others, since 1998, helping answer the many employment questions that come up in every employment environment.

We understand that navigating this area of law is challenging and confusing. Whether you are experiencing problems at work, treated unfairly or discriminated against, not being accommodated for a medical need, or just wondering whether the company policies and procedures are sufficient, Bohbot & Riles knows the answer.

Bohbot & Riles is a women-owned law firm who prides itself on considering its client's needs before its own goals. Karine Bohbot and Elizabeth Riles, along with their associate Mark Miyasaki, have successfully represented California employees who have been subjected to discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, employers' failure to provide reasonable accommodations, FMLA violations and other leave issues, wage-hour violations and disputes regarding severance pay. We are advocates, consistently looking out for the employee. In fact, because we know these disputes can often be easily avoided, we use this expertise to provide consultation to Bay Area businesses looking to ensure their policies, procedures and employee actions are not only legal, but provide their employees with a safe and healthy work environment, benefitting both the employees and the employer.

If you believe you have a potential case, please submit a case submission questionnaire to have us evaluate your matter. We will contact you to set up a free initial consultation if we can assist you. We speak French.

We care deeply about our community and believe that fighting for and protecting equality and justice in the workplace only serves to strengthen that community. We will thus take the time to discuss and understand how your experience has affected you. We will explore and educate you on the options, seek the best possible outcome, and work hard to turn things in your favor, rather than against you.

What Else Can Bohbot & Riles Do For You?


Bohbot & Riles can also assist in resolution of internal employee disputes as well as mediating litigation cases.

Personal Injury

We also provide personal injury representation to those who have been injured by the negligence of others. We seek fair compensation for victims of car accidents, dog bites, and slip-and-fall accidents. If you have experienced such an injury, give us a call. We can help!

Business Law

Bohbot & Riles, PC specializes in helping businesses at all stages.

As one of the experts in the area of employment law, Bohbot & Riles has spent most of its time striving to make sure that all work environments are safe and healthy for employees and employers. As one cannot succeed without the other, it is imperative that both employers and employees are supported and guided in this goal.

As part of our commitment to the work environment, Bohbot & Riles provides Human Resources counseling to small/medium sized businesses to ensure that, as business owners and thus employers, your goals of both protecting employee rights and avoiding litigation is realized. Such service not only include investigative services for companies that face discrimination and harassment claims to ensure neutrality, and thus integrity, of the process, but mediation services to facilitate resolution of any of the personnel disputes that may arise in your workplace.

In fact, if you are just starting your own business, Bohbot & Riles can help you both determine and set up the business entity that best suits your needs and make your business into a secure working environment for all of your personnel.

If you would like more information about our services or would like to have a consultation with one our experienced attorneys, please contact us to set up an appointment.

We care deeply about our community and believe that creating safe and healthy work environments only serves to strengthen that community. We will thus take the time to discuss and understand your business and your concerns. We will explore and educate you on the options, seek the best possible outcomes, and work hard to ensure a positive, productive and safe workplace for you and your employees.

Our California attorneys have been in practice since 1998. We know that putting your needs before our goals is the surest path to success. To have us evaluate your potential case, please complete a case submission questionnaire. If we can assist you, we will call you to set up an appointment for a free consultation.