Oakland Human Resources Lawyers

Bohbot & Riles, PC specializes in helping businesses at all stages.

As one of the experts in the area of employment law, Bohbot & Riles has spent most of its time striving to make sure that all work environments are safe and healthy for employees and employers. As one cannot succeed without the other, it is imperative that both employers and employees are supported and guided in this goal.

As part of our commitment to the work environment, Bohbot & Riles provides Human Resources counseling to small/medium sized businesses to ensure that, as business owners and thus employers, your goals of both protecting employee rights and avoiding litigation is realized. Such service not only include investigative services for companies that face discrimination and harassment claims to ensure neutrality, and thus integrity, of the process, but mediation services to facilitate resolution of any of the personnel disputes that may arise in your workplace.

In fact, if you are just starting your own business, Bohbot & Riles can help you both determine and set up the business entity that best suits your needs and make your business into a secure working environment for all of your personnel.

If you would like more information about our services or would like to have a consultation with one our experienced attorneys, please contact us to set up an appointment.

We care deeply about our community and believe that creating safe and healthy work environments only serves to strengthen that community. We will thus take the time to discuss and understand your business and your concerns. We will explore and educate you on the options, seek the best possible outcomes, and work hard to ensure a positive, productive and safe workplace for you and your employees.

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