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There are various points at which a severance package can be negotiated. Whether you believe you might separate from your company, have been terminated or have been asked to resign from your position, Bohbot & Riles can ensure severance pay is negotiated in your best interest. We represent professionals throughout the Bay Area who require assistance with severance package negotiation.

Contact us for experience + guidance + service. Do you want to ensure your severance package is negotiated in your best interest? Complete a submit a case submission questionnaire to have your potential case evaluated by Bohbot & Riles. If we can assist you, we will call you to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with our Oakland severance lawyers at our Oakland location. We speak French.

We Seek the Best Possible Results on Your Behalf

Our San Francisco severance pay lawyers adeptly handle all types of employment situations. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job due to discrimination or based on a retaliatory action, we can help. We also handle severance pay issues that can arise from being asked to resign from your job as well as job layoffs. We have knowledge of the various scenarios employees encounter.

Severance pay is sometime used as a tool by the employer. For example, if they agree to provide the employee with severance pay, it could be under the condition that the employee agrees not to take legal action against the employer.

Bohbot & Riles reviews and negotiates severance agreements on behalf of employees. We strive to create agreements that protect your rights and best interests in all possible scenarios. If you have been wrongfully terminated, we seek any financial recovery available to you above and beyond what is in the agreement.

With 40 years of collective legal experience, our lawyers know that putting your needs before our goals is the surest path to success. Contact us in Oakland by submitting a free case submission questionnaire and we will contact you to schedule a consultation at our convenient Oakland location if we believe we can help.