Obtained $600,000 confidential settlement for three women in sales who alleged gender discrimination and hostile work environment by their supervisor.

$545,000 verdict for victim of lost wages and emotional distress

"Bohbot & Riles represented the founder and former chief executive of the FAME charter school in Fremont. As the CEO, she came to believe that the school’s Board of Directors was engaged in illegal activity. She complained about this behavior repeatedly. She was subjected to gender discrimination and retaliation for her complaints." [more]

$444,000 Jury Verdict for Victims of Rear-End Car Collision with only Soft-Tissue Injuries

"Bohbot & Riles represented two individuals who were rear ended at approximately 40 miles per hour by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Luckily both individuals suffered only soft-tissue injuries to their body. One individual suffered from a minor traumatic brain injury. Bohbot & Riles filed suit on their behalf and received a jury verdict of over $444,000.00 including lost wages and pain and suffering." [more]

$1.3 million Jury Verdict for Female Truck Driver at CRST Van Expedited Subjected to Hostile Work Environment and Sexual Harassment.

"Bohbot & Riles represented a woman who worked for CRST Van Expedited as a Truck Driver. During her employment she was severely sexually harassed by her trainer." [more]

$85,000.00 settlement for Victim of a Dog Bite to the Face.

"Bohbot & Riles represented a woman who visited a friend’s home. The friend was renting a room. The homeowner’s dog bit her in an unprovoked attack." [more]

$1.2 million Jury Verdict for Woodfin Suites Employees Subjected to Disability Discrimination and Retaliation.

Bohbot & Riles, PC represented a man and a woman who worked for Woodfin Suites for 12 and 14 years, respectively with no performance issues. While the man was on a medical leave, a new supervisor arrived and instructed the women to terminate the man while he was on leave. [more]

$125,000.00 Settlement for 17-year Employee Terminated Taking Disability Leave.

Bohbot & Riles, PC represented a woman who worked 17 years for her employer. She was injured and took disability leave to heal and recover from surgery. Her employer terminated her employment without offering accommodations or any additional leave. [more]

Confidential Settlement for Woman Terminated Due to Her Race.

Bohbot & Riles, PC represented a woman who was told by her supervisor that she was being let go "because they [the company] did not want two Black people in the office." [more]

Confidential Settlement for Man Harassed and Terminated Due to His Sexual Orientation.

Bohbot & Riles, PC represented a man who was harassed by his direct supervisor related to his sexual orientation. [more]