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May 2015 Archives

Spotting age discrimination red flags in the workplace

Some kinds of workplace discrimination are easier to identify than others. There are certainly instances where bosses tell their employees that they are being fired, demoted or otherwise illegally discriminated against or harassed because they belong to a protected class of individuals. For example, if a boss insists that a woman cannot do a specific job because she is a woman, this situation is almost certainly an instance of sex discrimination.

Reacting to work discrimination in unique ways

When individuals experience sexual harassment or illegal discrimination in the workplace, they may opt to file claims with the government. Depending on the actions that the government takes or chooses not to take, the workers may ultimately sue to enforce their rights in court. Oftentimes, this kind of concrete action not only helps workers obtain compensation and justice for the harm they have suffered, but it also tends to help deter employers from treating other workers in the same kinds of unacceptable ways.

Discrimination & harassment suits: Franchisors too protected?

For decades, the franchise system has dominated American business culture, especially fast food and certain retail establishments. For consumers, the appeal of the franchise was familiarly and predictability wherever they went. Burgers from a McDonald's anywhere in the United States taste nearly exactly the same as they do here in California.