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Spotting age discrimination red flags in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination |

Some kinds of workplace discrimination are easier to identify than others. There are certainly instances where bosses tell their employees that they are being fired, demoted or otherwise illegally discriminated against or harassed because they belong to a protected class of individuals. For example, if a boss insists that a woman cannot do a specific job because she is a woman, this situation is almost certainly an instance of sex discrimination.

However, most instances of discrimination are not as blatant as the above example is. Oftentimes, employees find themselves questioning whether a specific decision or pattern of behavior is indeed a sign of illegal discrimination. Fortunately, if you have questions about your specific circumstances, you can certainly ask an attorney experienced in matters of employment law about whether your situation is actionable or not.

With that said, it can be helpful to know what kinds of red flags may need to prompt a trip to the attorney’s office. Every instance of discrimination is different and contextual. However, certain red flags may allow individuals to feel strongly enough that they follow through with contacting an attorney.

For example, age discrimination can be difficult to spot, but certain red flags may be apparent in your workplace. If it seems that only younger workers are being promoted, this could be a red flag. If older workers seem to be left out of significant meetings and social gatherings, this could also be a red flag. Finally, if older workers are treated differently in company trainings, this could be a sign that your workplace has a problem with age discrimination.

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