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August 2015 Archives

Former AD on popular sitcom files age discrimination lawsuit

A former second assistant director on the popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory" has filed a lawsuit in California against Warner Bros. Television because he claims to have been fired due to his age. The man alleges age discrimination after his duties changed when he turned 50 in 2012. At the time, the show was in its sixth season. The plaintiff has been a member of the Directors Guild of American for 30 years and had worked on the program since its premiere.

Agency rules LGBT workers are protected from discrimination

On July 15, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that current law already prohibits discrimination against employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The historic decision is a major victory for LGBT employees in California and nationwide.

Handling workplace discrimination against the transgendered

Although California residents are most likely aware of the strides that have been made for transgender people, workplace discrimination against this segment of the LGBTQ community is unfortunately still rampant. Employers should take a front-line approach to stop such discrimination in its tracks when it occurs at their companies.