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October 2015 Archives

Baby boomers experiencing workplace age discrimination

Many Californians from the baby boomer generation are still working or looking for work. Although employment discrimination against people aged 40 and older is unlawful, the majority of older workers say that they notice their peers being discriminated against. A 2013 survey by AARP revealed that two-thirds of older workers have either witnessed or experienced age discrimination.

Sexual harassment can take on many different forms

There is no one type of sexual harassment in the workplace. Rather, there are many different kinds. All of which can be extremely damaging to an employee and leave him or her wondering just what can be done to make the behavior stop and hold the employer accountable.

What makes a termination "wrongful"?

Employees who have been recently fired or who are facing a job loss may wonder if they have a claim for wrongful termination. To prevail in a wrongful termination case, a person must prove that they were fired for an illegal reason. There are many reasons that a termination may violate California or federal employment laws.

Companies have requirements during the hiring process

As we talked about in our last blog post, age discrimination can be a problem for people who are seeking employment. Older people may not be considered for positions simply because of their age, even if they have the skills and experience to fulfill the requirements of the job.