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Sexual harassment can take on many different forms

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

There is no one type of sexual harassment in the workplace. Rather, there are many different kinds. All of which can be extremely damaging to an employee and leave him or her wondering just what can be done to make the behavior stop and hold the employer accountable.

At BOHBOT & RILES, PC ATTORNEYS AT LAW, we represent the women and men who are victims of sexual harassment. We make sure an employee’s rights are protected, while also making sure those responsible for the harassment — and letting it happen — are held accountable.

Sexual harassment can take on many different forms, including:

  • Having to listen to crude jokes
  • Offensive emails or photos
  • Propositioning for sexual favors, including being offered a promotion or other perceived benefit in exchange for a sexual favor

Sexual harassment also does not need to be verbal in nature, but can involve physical or visual contact. Along these same lines, the unwanted behavior can come from a superior, like a boss, but can also come from a same-level coworker.

Many times, victims are hesitant to come forward with a claim, fearing retaliation for reporting the harassment. However, the truth is that employees are protected by California state laws, as well as federal laws, from retaliation for reporting illegal behaviors. Sexual harassment falls under the category of illegal behaviors.

What this means is that an employer cannot take adverse actions against an employee simply for reporting the harassment. To learn more about our firm’s approach to sexual harassment, visit our website.