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January 2016 Archives

Congress may protect interns from sexual harassment

California workers may be surprised to learn that many of the nation's unpaid interns have no legal protections against workplace sexual harassment because of a federal loophole. However, Congress may finally be making moves to address the issue.

Report details sexual harassment by national park workers

Many California residents are awed by the majesty of the Grand Canyon every year, and they may be surprised to learn about a report detailing rampant sexual harassment and abuse among workers at the popular national park. The report was released by the Department of the Interior on Jan. 12, and it follows an investigation that was prompted by a complaint filed in 2014 by several park employees concerning the treatment of female workers over a 15-year period.

Workplace discrimination under ERISA

Workplace discrimination in California can take many different forms. Employees can sometimes face unlawful discrimination because of their race, religion, sex, age or disability, to name a few examples. One form of workplace discrimination that is often overlooked by both employees and employers is discrimination under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.