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June 2016 Archives

GOA report accuses CFPB of workplace discrimination

California workers may be interested to learn about a June report accusing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of maintaining a hostile work environment. The report, which was issued by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, says that agency employees find managers discriminatory and are reluctant to speak out for fear of retaliation.

National origin discrimination and the EEOC

One of the most seemingly straightforward types of discrimination that employees might face in California or other parts of the country is discrimination based on their national origin. As a proposed guidance issued in early June 2016 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission demonstrates, national origin discrimination may include far more types of actions than the workers and employers may understand, however.

Global CEO of ad agency accused of discriminaton

On May 16, a wrongful termination lawsuit was filed in a California court against the global CEO of RAPP. The Omnicom ad agency CEO, who joined the company in 2014, is accused of firing the former president of RAPP USA for complaining about harassment and discrimination that he witnessed.