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Men also face gender discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination |

Although much attention related to workplace discrimination based on sex or gender is directed towards female employees, California residents may be interested to know that men also face this type of judgment. Challenging social norms and attempting to create more gender equality are steps that can potentially help remedy this problem.

For example, men who want to enter fields which have historically been occupied by women, such as nursing, childcare or retail outlets that cater to women, may find it difficult to be employed in a predominately female workforce. Another way that men may potentially face discrimination in the workplace is when companies overcompensate for discrimination against women. In an effort to avoid female discrimination, companies may start to give preference to women over men when making staffing and promotion decisions. While these policies may be based on good intentions, they can still be considered discriminatory in nature or application.

Men may also feel like they are victims of workplace discrimination if they see women getting certain perks or being given greater flexibility. This is often linked with accommodations requested by pregnant women or women with children. These women may sometimes be allowed to come in late, leave early or miss more days due to childcare needs. Some employers also allow women in such situations to transfer their assignments to other employees, sometimes to men who may not be pleased with this reassignment. Men can also be victims of sexual harassment.

Male workers who believe that they have been discriminated against because of their gender may choose to talk to an employment law lawyer. He or she may be able to assess the circumstances involved in the case to determine if a claim is viable.