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Preventing gender bias in the workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

California women often experience both gender bias and sexual harassment on the job. The problems that are faced by female employees transcend income levels as women in entry-level and executive positions face gender-based employment discrimination. A poll of female advertising industry employees found that 54 percent of women in that occupation feel vulnerable at work because of their gender.

Employers and supervisors can do a lot to prevent gender bias and sexual harassment in the workplace by setting the tone for a nondiscriminatory workplace. The first step that employers can take to prevent gender bias is to implement a workplace discrimination policy and make sure every staff member understands it. The policy should include ways for employees to report discrimination or harassment when they see it.

In addition to creating a discrimination policy, employers should talk about discrimination with their employees. Employers may offer training that includes discussions on diversity, subconscious bias and discrimination. One way that employers may be able to prevent subconscious bias is to regularly review their employee’s salaries and look for disparities between genders. Employers may also be able to avoid discriminating against female employees by instituting workplace policies to accommodate working mothers.

Women who experience sexual harassment in the workplace sometimes feel that they must tolerate the inappropriate behavior for the sake of their career. In reality, a woman who is being sexually harassed has the right to complain about the mistreatment and seek remedies. If an employer does not take action to stop the behavior or retaliates against a worker who complains about sexual discrimination or harassment, the employer could be targeted in a lawsuit.