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Why companies have not stopped workplace sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

California employees may be aware that there has been an increasing number of sexual harassment scandals occurring in large companies. Some of the high-profile cases have included employers such as Fox News, Uber and Sterling Jewelers. There are several reasons why the scandals are occurring and will likely continue to occur.

In the above cases, it appeared that there were no policies in place that prevented sexual harassment incidents or that even allowed the company to properly investigate and effectively deal with incidents when they occurred. If the company does have a policy that deals with sexual harassment, it is often more about protecting the company than the affected employees. For example, several companies that offered hotlines used them as a way to prepare themselves against any potential legal action that may be taken against them.

Other employers are using internal arbitration systems to deal with sexual harassment incidents. By using arbitration, employees are often prevented from seeking legal recourse while potentially fearing that reporting the incidents could have a negative impact on their ability to advance in their career. Arbitration ultimately prevents the employees from taking their employers to court, essentially preventing them from seeking justice from a group of their peers.

Employers cannot legally terminate an employee for filing a sexual harassment claim. If a person lost a job after filing a sexual harassment claim , an attorney may assist with determining what legal options the former employee may have. Depending on the evidence of the incident, the attorney may help file a lawsuit against the employe seeking compensation for lost wages.