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Minorities may still face discrimination by employers

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

Many California residents believe that hard work and education are the keys to success. While this may be part of the equation, societal tendencies may also play a role in whether an individual has success as a professional. Research has shown that black and Latino individuals have faced bias when it comes to being hired by companies. A study that included researchers from Harvard and Northwestern found that hiring discrimination against black workers hasn’t changed in 25 years.

Hiring discrimination against Latinos has only fell slightly in that same time period. To come to their findings, the researchers analyzed data from 28 studies beginning in 1989, and the data set included 55,842 applicants who were competing for 26,326 jobs. Among the findings was that white workers were called back 36 percent more often than black workers. They were also called back 24 percent more often than Latino workers.

The researchers did control for variables such as education and gender of the applicants. They also controlled for local market conditions in addition to taking into account the actual jobs being sought. Failing to get a call back can have significant consequences for a worker. For instance, it may be harder to find a quality job or earn a salary equivalent to what others may be making.

Those who believe that they were discriminated against by a company may wish to take legal action. It is generally illegal for a company to make a hiring decision based solely on an applicant’s race or other protected characteristics. An attorney may be able to review a case and help an individual either during informal negotiations with a potential employer or in court. If successful, individuals may be entitled to compensation and other relief allowed by law.