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Lawsuit alleges Mariners fired woman because of discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Wrongful Termination |

Many people in California would view an opportunity to work for a professional baseball team as a dream job. The dream was short-lived for a woman who accepted a job with the Mariners on Nov. 1, 2017, because the team officially dismissed her barely a year later on Nov. 15. She has now filed a lawsuit against the team seeking lost pay because of alleged wrongful termination motivated by gender and racial discrimination.

According to her court filings, she felt that the organization impeded her ability to do her job as soon as she started her position as high-performance director. Her job required her to oversee physical and mental training for players. She had originally planned to travel for 60 away games, but the club restricted her to only 12 days of travel. She also stated that she was excluded from meetings with players because of her gender.

In statements to the media, she said that the general manager called her a “cocky Latina.” She also overheard another staff member refer to the Dominican players as stupid and lazy. The woman insists that she made multiple complaints about mistreatment to human resources, team owners and the team CEO. Everyone dismissed her concerns, and she was eventually placed on administrative leave before being fired. Team management maintains that her allegations are false. The league has launched an investigation.

When a person perceives a job loss as a wrongful termination, an attorney might provide a legal opinion about the viability of filing a lawsuit. To build a case, an attorney may strive to collect evidence of discrimination and potentially negotiate a settlement before taking the matter to court.

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