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Gay man sues former employer Goldman Sachs for discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Some members of the LGBTQ community in California will recognize the pattern of discrimination allegedly experienced by a former employee of Goldman Sachs. According to his lawsuit, the man worked for eight years at the banking giant. He advanced to a vice president position at the age of only 27. He had been openly gay throughout his career and earned good performance reviews. This abruptly changed after he made formal complaints to the Employee Relations team at the company in 2018. His evaluations suddenly turned critical. According to court filings, the evaluations provided a manufactured reason for his dismissal.

The plaintiff had served as a leader for the company’s internal LGBTQ group. His complaints involved his experiences of sexual orientation discrimination at work. He provided evidence of mistreatment. One incident described in his lawsuit resulted in his removal from a conference call because of his gay-sounding voice.

His lawsuit asserts that his job termination represented a clear act of retaliation for his complaints. Although Goldman Sachs styles itself as an inclusive workplace, the lawsuit claims that the company’s policies do not prevent discrimination. LGBTQ people often experience discrimination at work. One recent study conducted by the Human Rights Campaign reported that 53% of LGBTQ workers overhead jokes about their sexual orientation on the job.

An atmosphere that makes a person feel uncomfortable at work could produce emotional stress and financial consequences when workplace discrimination undermines a career. Someone in this situation could reach out to an attorney for support. Legal counsel could inform the client about federal and state employment law. An attorney could recommend how to proceed with a complaint and pursue damages.