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Age discrimination a problem for older workers

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Women in the workplace are far more likely to suffer from sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and other types of gender discrimination in California. However, there are also unique concerns that are particularly important for men in the workplace. Age discrimination is one such concern that has a stronger effect on men. According to one 2019 study of age-related discrimination in the workplace, less than 33% of women believed that their age was a factor in holding them back from finding new jobs or obtaining a promotion. On the other hand, almost 40% of male participants did indicate that age was a barrier for them in the workplace.

In total, around 20% of all workers over 40 said that they had experienced some form of age discrimination on the job. In addition, many reported that there was little or no coverage given to age discrimination in company training about avoiding bias in the workplace. The younger respondents feared that the situation would worsen after the age of 50. However, 67% of the respondents under 65 said that they planned to keep working after they turn 66.

Experts noted that age discrimination in the workplace is particularly troubling as many people extend their professional careers to a much later date than in the past. They noted that companies have a responsibility to watch out for any kind of workplace discrimination and take action to bring it to an end. Like victims of other forms of discrimination, many people who faced age discrimination did not report the incidents out of fear of retaliation.

When people lose a job or a promotion due to their age, it can have a major impact on their life and financial well-being. An employment law attorney may help people who have been discriminated against to take action and seek justice.