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Former manager files wrongful termination suit against district

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Wrongful Termination |

Employees generally believe that their employers will treat them with fairness. If that doesn’t happen, employment law safeguards may support them. A California worker who believes that he or she was fired as a means of retaliation or punishment may have grounds to file a wrongful termination claim against the former employer. This is what one former general manager for a water district says happened to him after he tried to speak out about the unfair treatment of his female co-workers.

According to the civil claim the former manager filed, the board of directors for the water district allegedly fired the manager because he complained that the chief financial officer was harassing the two female office workers. The suit says that the women complained both verbally and in writing about the CFO’s conduct. The CFO is also accused of working to have employees he didn’t like fired, including both of the managers who served before and after the plaintiff.

The suit also claims that several board members violated the Brown Act by inappropriately meeting with the CFO due to the investigation regarding the sexual harassment claims. Some board members allegedly involved themselves in the day to day matters of the office. Despite board members and the CFO being mentioned in the lawsuit by name, they are not named as defendants. 

However this particular case turns out, it shows that employees should never have to fear doing the right thing at work. Being fired for standing up for other co-workers is wrong and California employees have the right to hold companies accountable for those kinds of actions. Those employees who have questions about employment law and how to pursue a wrongful termination claim may want to consult an attorney who can help them determine what to do next.