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Your job place should not include sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2020 | Sexual Harassment |

When you go to work and carry out your daily duties in California or elsewhere, you have a right to expect a safe and reasonably peaceful working environment. All jobs include a certain amount of stress, which can escalate or decrease by the day, according to circumstances. However, you should never have to worry about another person mistreating you at work, especially if the mistreatment is sexual harassment.

If you are sitting at your desk at work and a co-worker or manager walks by and tells a dirty joke, is it sexual harassment? The answer is “It depends.” Unwanted visual, verbal or physical conduct may be considered harassment in certain circumstances.

Sometimes, sexual harassment in the workplace can occur digitally, meaning through emails, texting or other electronic means rather than face-to-face in the office. Sexual mistreatment in the workplace happens to both men and women. Many people hesitate to reach out for support when an unwanted sexual encounter has occurred on the job, many because they fear negative consequences such as demotions or job termination.

If you are worried about taking legal action against sexual harassment in a California workplace, you can take comfort in the fact that federal and state laws are on your side. Your employer is barred from firing you or taking any adverse action against you for reporting or fighting against sexual mistreatment on the job. At Bohbot & Riles, PC, an experienced legal team is committed to providing guidance and support to help you protect your rights and best interests in the workplace.