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What are the rights of pregnant women to take leave from work?

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It can be a very joyous time in parents’ lives in California when they learn that they will be having a child. The parents may be very excited about the fact that they will be growing their family. However, pregnancies cause major changes for the mothers as the baby grows. Many mothers experience morning sickness or nausea and may be more tired than normal. It can also make many normal life activities more difficult, especially as the pregnancy progresses.

These are the experiences that many mothers experience and to an extent should be expected. Some mothers experience much more than these somewhat common pregnancy symptoms. Some mothers will have gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, hypertension and other significant medical complications. When mothers experience these conditions, it can have significant effects and may require bed rest for the mother or other medical remedies to ensure the health of the mother and the baby.

Obligations employers have to pregnant employees

If expecting mothers experience these complications during the pregnancy or need time after the birth of a child before returning to work, employers are obligated to give them certain accommodations.

While the pregnant mothers are at work, the employer needs to provide certain accommodations such as more frequent breaks, transfer to a less strenuous job, provide a chair or stool and other accommodations. Depending on the circumstances the employer may also need to allow pregnant women leave from work. Women experiencing pregnancy disabilities are allowed to take up to four months off and must receive their current job or a similar job back upon their return to work.

Each pregnancy in California is unique and women experience different symptoms and complications. For some expecting mothers these symptoms and conditions may make it difficult for them to continue working in the same conditions they did prior to the pregnancy and some may not be able to work at all. The health of these mothers is important and if employers do not provide reasonable accommodations or leave, they could be liable for paying damages to the mothers. These can be complicated cases though and experienced attorneys could be a useful resource.