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California employment laws safeguard undocumented workers

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination |

California employment laws include statutes that protect undocumented workers in a number of different ways. These include employment laws designed to protect undocumented workers from employment discrimination.

Undocumented workers in the state of California

California is home to the largest number of immigrants in the United States. The state hosts the largest number of undocumented or unauthorized immigrants as well. As a consequence, the state leads the way in implementing employment laws designed to protect immigrants, including those who are classified as unauthorized.

Primary California employment laws protecting unauthorized immigrants

One of the primary employments laws in the Golden State designed to protect unauthorized immigrants is a statute that prohibits an employer from using a worker’s immigration status in retaliation for that employee exercising his or her labor rights. Another related statute makes it easier for documented or unauthorized immigrant workers to pursue a claim and lawsuit against employers for damages sustained if they are retaliated against for exercising their workplace and employment rights.

California employment laws also include the California Values Act. This law reduces the risk of ICE detention at courts and government buildings. This law particularly protects unauthorized immigrants who are present in court and government buildings to assert their employment rights. Absent the protections afforded in this statutory scheme, unauthorized immigrants had significant difficulties in the assertion of their legal rights associated with employment.

Many immigrants still face discrimination at work despite these and other statutes that are designed to protect them. People who have been the victims of this type of behavior might want to meet with an attorney and discuss their situation.