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How California employment laws protect the Family Rights Act

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Uncategorized |

California recognizes that eligible workers may need up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave that protects their jobs. These stipulations of California employment laws fall under the Family Rights Act (CFRA). What exactly does this mean for an employee?

Several instances entitle you to take leave

In the past, employees would put the rules of the CFRA into play when they wanted to bond with a new child. In other situations, this leave enabled them to receive medical treatment for a serious health condition or tend to a family member’s health. Earlier this year, lawmakers fine-tuned the rules.

More employers must obey the rules

Whereas in the past, you had to employ 50 people to fall under the rules of the Act, you now only need to have five workers. Moreover, the employer can no longer claim that they do not have 50 workers living within 75 miles of the workplace. Besides that, the understanding of what it means to be a family member underwent an upgrade. Care leave now also covers adult children, the child of a domestic partner, grandparents or children, and siblings.

With changes in rules come compliance problems

California employment laws recognize the CFRA, FMLA and other types of leave. Ongoing changes to the rules can result in an employer failing to comply. For example, if you and your partner work for the same employer, you now have the right to take 12 weeks off each. Your employer can no longer ask you to split the 12 weeks between the two of you.

Do you believe that your employer is violating California employment laws? It could be a good idea to discuss your situation with a law firm that might help protect your rights.