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What are “essential functions” of a job for ADA purposes?

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The importance of protecting the rights of employees in California, and around the country, applies to disadvantaged employees, as well. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prevents employers from turning down disabled workers who may or may not need reasonable accommodations on the job. However, many employers do not understand the basic job duties that are protected under the ADA. First, learn more about the basic terms and rights that protect the disabled workforce.

What are essential functions?

Essential functions are duties that every employee, whether disabled or non-disabled, needs to perform to complete a basic job. A disabled worker may need reasonable accommodations to increase his or her range of abilities and complete as many work tasks as possible.

What are essential functions according to the ADA?

Essential functions are the basic duties that every disabled person must be able to do, whether it’s sitting in a chair and typing at a computer or operating machinery. Every disabled employee who can perform these functions is given the right to work without being terminated, harassed or held back in a position.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects every worker’s rights and outlines disability issues that may lead to problems in the workplace. Employers are protected, as well, and should not be forced to hire every disabled employee who seeks a position at the company or organization.

Why learning about disability laws is important

Every employer is required to undergo basic training in equal opportunity workplace laws. They should understand ADA laws that affect disabled workers and the rights that protect those who perform essential job functions. For every employer and its staff, acquiring this knowledge is necessary to reduce the risks of lawsuits.