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Activision is still dealing with claims of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Sexual Harassment |

California employees deserve to be treated with equality and fairness in the workplace. Sadly, sexual harassment is a problem for some. Gaming company Activision Blizzard, which was hit with sexual harassment claims last year, is still facing backlash for the misconduct.

What’s happening at Activision?

Allegations of sexual harassment circulated last year, which prompted Activision to let go of over three dozen employees. Another 40 employees were disciplined as the company was forced to address the problem. Although it reprimanded some employees and fired several others, the company is still receiving backlash.

Activision intended to provide an update to its employees about how the situation is being handled. However, in spite of employees being told that it would give that update before the holiday season, it has still not done so.

Former employee speaks out

A former Activision employee also spoke out in front of the company’s headquarters about her experiences of sexual harassment and workplace retaliation. She stated that she was initially excited to work for the company but was the target of endless sexual harassment as male coworkers made rude comments and touched her. She added that supervisors made invitations to her to have sex.

Complaints to human resources were fruitless as she was told the offenders were only joking and didn’t break any laws. After her complaint, she also faced demotion in the company and was denied raises and certain benefits. She continued being sexually harassed in addition to facing workplace retaliation.

There was also a report issued that stated that the company’s CEO not only knew about the culture of sexual harassment but participated in it as well. Employees and shareholders demanded that he resign, but the board of directors firmly supported him.

Another former female Activision employee resigned after she had enough of being subjected to continuous sexual harassment from her male colleagues.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. If you’ve been a victim, fight back and hold your employer responsible.