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Do you have to disclose your disability at a job interview?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination |

Many California job applicants have disabilities. In fact, 12.7% of the American population has some type of disability. Whether your disability is obvious for everyone to see or invisible to everyone but you, you are not legally obligated to tell your prospective employer about it.

Employers cannot discriminate against you for a disability

It is illegal for employers to base their hiring decisions on a disability. If an employer can see that you have a disability at the job interview, they are not allowed to ask you invasive questions about it. An employer may ask you about accommodations you will require and whether you will be able to perform the essential job duties.

Despite discrimination protections, some job applicants decide not to mention disability issues in job interviews. You may choose not to disclose your disability at an interview to prevent implicit bias and focus more attention on your job qualifications. Even if you know that you will be asking for workplace accommodations, later on, you do not have to tell an employer about your disability.

Disclosing your disability

There are some benefits to disclosing your disability early on in the hiring process. If you require accommodations, talking about them early can give your employer time to prepare your work area. You may also need to ask about the layout of your future work so that you’ll know what to expect.

What is reasonable accommodation?

Employers are generally required to provide reasonable accommodations for their disabled workers so that they can perform their job duties comfortably. Modifying a work environment may cost the employer financially. As long as an accommodation does not cause significant financial hardship for the employer, the employer is required to provide it.