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More people added to NFL discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination |

Residents of California might have an interest in learning more about the recent suit regarding discriminatory hiring practices in the NFL. You may not be a big football fan, but discrimination in hiring may also affect you. This suit has been in progress from a former Black defensive coach who says that the National Football league acted with discrimination against him. Now there are two more co-plaintiffs to his claims.

According to court news reports, the original case has an amendment that includes two more former Black NFL coaches. They were members of two different teams in the past.

What is the Rooney Rule?

This ruling requires that every NFL team must interview at least two external minority candidates. Its purpose was to promote diversity within the NFL.

Leads to sham interviews

The original claim was that although the position was already filled, the team gave sham interviews in order to comply with the Rooney Rule and satisfy diversity issues. This had far-reaching results.

One of the recent claimants said there was a rush to interview him. As before, it was a sham interview to show that a Black coach had consideration for the position. In truth, a White coach had already received hiring, with a decision previously determined. This former White coach, who no longer coaches, said that the team told him that he had the job, well before they did the interview of the Black coach for Rooney Rule purposes.

Former White coach speaks out

This White coach recently made the statement, through the news media, that he regrets the part that he played in the 2016 fake hiring plan. Reading this, the Black coach now feels that joining the discrimination lawsuit will help other Black coaches in the future.

Black is under-represented

Although in the NFL, 70% of players are Black while only 3% of the teams have a Black head coach. Players and coaches feel that Black coaches and candidates for coaching should have the same opportunities as white coaches.

Discrimination does not belong on the sports field or in the corporation or workplace. Football players have a reputation for being aggressive, and a hiring discrimination suit against the NFL takes that spirit into the courtroom as well as on the football turf.