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How reasonable accommodations can help you in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Uncategorized |

It can be challenging to live with a physical or mental disability. The law recognizes the need to provide qualified people with different abilities with greater flexibility to perform their work duties. California state law and U.S. federal law offer protection for those living with disability challenges by using reasonable accommodations.

Reasonable accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment or modification made to assist someone in fulfilling their duties concerning their disability. Examples of accommodations in the workplace or educational settings may include specialized seating options or enlarged font for reading or work materials.

At times, it may be unclear to those living with disability issues what is a reasonable accommodation. In practice, a reasonable accommodation can help someone fulfill their fundamental work requirements. With reasonable accommodations, those who have a disability should be able to meet their work objectives despite any physical or mental limitations. Accommodations are a way to ensure that those with disabilities have equality in the workplace and equitable access to financial independence.

Protection under the law

People who live with either physical or mental disabilities have protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act. They can request reasonable accommodations from employers and educational institutions to ensure that they can complete their tasks.

Under the law, employers may request medical documentation as proof of the need for reasonable accommodations. And while many companies can be helpful in securing accommodations, many others may not. Beginning a discussion about accommodations is just the first step in getting the assistance needed to do well on the job. It can be crucial to work with an employer to secure the best accommodation options.

Having a disability should not be a hindrance to seeking or maintaining employment. Knowing and understanding the role that reasonable accommodations can provide may be critical to a successful work environment and career.