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Knowledgeable Guidance To Help Your Business Succeed

To foster an engaging, healthy workplace, employers and business owners must take proactive measures. Whether you need assistance in creating policies or seeking counsel on business formation issues, an experienced lawyer can provide the guidance you need.

At Bohbot & Riles, PC, we specialize in helping businesses at all stages. With decades of experience in employment law, our law firm has focused on striving to ensure all work environments are safe, and healthy for both employees and employers. As one cannot succeed without the other, it is imperative that both employers and employees are supported, and guided in this goal.

Proactive Measures To Create A Healthy Workplace

We can assist in creating a wide array of handbooks or policies, as well as in advising on specific matters. Let us help you by:

  • Creating an employee handbook, performance appraisal forms and disciplinary procedures forms
  • Advising you on general employee matters that arise
  • Investigating claims of discrimination, and harassment to ensure neutrality and integrity of the process
  • Conducting essential employee training, including Sexual Harassment Prevention Training pursuant to AB1825

We care deeply about our community, and believe that creating safe and healthy work environments only serve to strengthen that community. We take the time to discuss and understand your business, and your concerns. We will explore and educate you on the options, seek the best possible outcomes and work hard to ensure a positive, productive, and safe workplace for you and your employees.

Guiding You Throughout Business Formation Concerns And Disputes

Our attorneys can help you both determine and set up the business entity that best suits your needs, and makes your business into a secure working environment for all your personnel. We can assist with:

  • Choosing the business form that best suits your needs
  • Setting up your organization’s structure
  • Maintaining your future business status
  • Advising you on and/or representing you in any litigation matter that may arise

As a part of our commitment to the work environment, we provide human resources counseling to businesses to achieve their goals of both protecting employee rights and avoiding litigation.

Learn How We Can Assist You

Our California attorneys have been in practice since 1998. We know that putting your needs before our goals is the surest path to success. To have us evaluate your potential case, please call our Oakland office at 510-250-7278. If we can assist you, we will call you to set up an appointment for a free consultation.