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Seeking Justice For Victims Of Inappropriate Workplace Misconduct

If you have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, you know how awful it feels. At Bohbot & Riles, PC, we provide attentive, focused and successful legal help to victims of sexual harassment. We care deeply about our community, and this includes ensuring that victims of sexual harassment receive justice.

Our attorneys can help you strike back against sex discrimination. With 40 years of collective legal experience, our lawyers know that putting your needs before our goals is the surest path to success.

Call our Oakland office at 510-250-7278 to have us evaluate your legal needs. If we can assist you, we will reach out to schedule a free consultation. We speak French.

Types Of Sexual Harassment

As skilled Alameda County sexual discrimination attorneys, we are well-versed in the many ways that sexual harassment victimizes employees. If you have been harassed in any of the following ways, do not hesitate to speak with us:

  • Unwelcome verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature
  • Being propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for a job, job promotion or another job benefit
  • Dirty jokes
  • Disturbing or offensive pictures or emails

Sexual harassment contributes to a hostile work environment, a place where the employee is made to feel uncomfortable by a superior or coworker. Bohbot & Riles, PC represents both women and men who have been sexually harassed, or discriminated against at work.

You Cannot Be Fired For Reporting Sexual Harassment

If you are worried about suffering retaliation for filing a sexual harassment claim, you should know that federal and state laws are on your side. Employers cannot retaliate against employees for reporting wrongdoing in the workplace. This means your employer cannot fire you, demote you or take any adverse action against you for reporting sexual harassment.

Consult With A Dedicated Lawyer

You don’t have to fight your case alone. Learn how our experienced legal team can assist. Call 510-250-7278 or by complete a case submission questionnaire. If we can assist with your case, we will contact you to schedule a free initial consultation.