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Companies have requirements during the hiring process

As we talked about in our last blog post, age discrimination can be a problem for people who are seeking employment. Older people may not be considered for positions simply because of their age, even if they have the skills and experience to fulfill the requirements of the job.

Restaurant lawsuit could change who gets hired

Older men and women who are attempting to get back into the California workforce may find it difficult. In some cases, businesses may try to hire younger individuals even though this is against federal and state law. One woman found herself to be part of a lawsuit after she learned that she was overlooked for a position that went to a young woman who had no experience.

Treating transgender workers fairly in California

Since 2012, transgender workers have been protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in the view of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. According to guidance published by the Office of Personnel Management and by the EEOC, workers should be called by the name and pronoun of their choosing. For instance, if an anatomical male wishes to be addressed as she or her, the employer would be required to do so.

Former AD on popular sitcom files age discrimination lawsuit

A former second assistant director on the popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory" has filed a lawsuit in California against Warner Bros. Television because he claims to have been fired due to his age. The man alleges age discrimination after his duties changed when he turned 50 in 2012. At the time, the show was in its sixth season. The plaintiff has been a member of the Directors Guild of American for 30 years and had worked on the program since its premiere.

Agency rules LGBT workers are protected from discrimination

On July 15, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that current law already prohibits discrimination against employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The historic decision is a major victory for LGBT employees in California and nationwide.

Handling workplace discrimination against the transgendered

Although California residents are most likely aware of the strides that have been made for transgender people, workplace discrimination against this segment of the LGBTQ community is unfortunately still rampant. Employers should take a front-line approach to stop such discrimination in its tracks when it occurs at their companies.

Why the California 'Uber' ruling matters

Earlier this month, the California Labor Commission announced its ruling in a case that will likely result in consequences far beyond the immediate scope of the parties involved. Specifically, the commission ruled that an Uber driver based in California is an actual employee of the company, not “simply” a contractor. Although this seems like a straightforward and narrow ruling, it could have wide implications.

Is a bias toward perceived masculinity what drives higher wages?

An interesting study recently came out in the journal "Gender and Society." Researchers from McGill University tracked data about Canadians' earnings, sexual orientation and relationship status and found that gay men who have partners earn an average of 5 percent less than heterosexual men with partners. Moreover, lesbians with partners tend to earn about 8 percent more than heterosexual women with partners.

Spotting age discrimination red flags in the workplace

Some kinds of workplace discrimination are easier to identify than others. There are certainly instances where bosses tell their employees that they are being fired, demoted or otherwise illegally discriminated against or harassed because they belong to a protected class of individuals. For example, if a boss insists that a woman cannot do a specific job because she is a woman, this situation is almost certainly an instance of sex discrimination.

Reacting to work discrimination in unique ways

When individuals experience sexual harassment or illegal discrimination in the workplace, they may opt to file claims with the government. Depending on the actions that the government takes or chooses not to take, the workers may ultimately sue to enforce their rights in court. Oftentimes, this kind of concrete action not only helps workers obtain compensation and justice for the harm they have suffered, but it also tends to help deter employers from treating other workers in the same kinds of unacceptable ways.

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