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Your honest and detailed answers to the case submission questionnaire will help us evaluate your case and determine how we can best assist you. Please include names, titles, dates, and locations in your responses.


Submission of our questionnaire does not mean that we have agreed to accept your case. It is simply a tool to determine whether we can help with your matter. Therefore, please continue to seek legal assistance. We anticipate responding to your questionnaire shortly. Please do understand, however, that certain time limits apply to your right to bring an action, should you decide to pursue legal action. Failure to timely assert any claims you might have within the legally specified time will likely result in your forever losing your right to bring any such claim.

Bohbot & Riles, PC cannot represent you in any matter unless you and Bohbot & Riles, PC expressly agree, in writing, that Bohbot & Riles, PC will serve as your counsel.

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