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Bohbot & Riles, PC prides itself on providing effective, reliable and professional service to all its clients. Here is what our clients say about us*

“Elizabeth was my second lawyer in an employment case with my former employer. When I met her to discuss my case, she listened to me with human understanding. It was a great relief to have Elizabeth representing me in this extremely emotionally charged situation. She demystified the legal process for me, gave me clear realistic advice, and was thoroughly prepared. The dispute was resolved successfully. Elizabeth battles for the client’s beliefs and for what is right with a great commitment to fairness. For me it was so important to know that Elizabeth was able to share a bond with a client that reaches beyond the law.”

“Looking for a lawyer is not something I have had to do but thrice during my life. I found myself in that uncomfortable position again in 2005 as a result of a dispute with a former employer. After a brief search I was fortunate enough to find and meet Elizabeth Riles whom I found to be; dedicated, honest, focused and fair. The case took 18 months to resolve with a favorable finding resulting. During that period Ms. Riles kept me thoroughly informed as to progress being made, the next action planned, and the issues at hand. There is no reluctance on my part to recommend Ms. Riles as a knowledgeable, honest and fair practitioner of labor law and it is my pleasure to do so here.”

“During my business engagement with Elizabeth, I found her to be a very detailed-oriented attorney who always gave great advice during emotionally charged situations and never lost the sight of the strategic objective. She delivered great result and I highly recommend her.”

“I had retained Elizabeth Riles, Esq. for an employment case involving discrimination. It was not an easy case, but she was confident that we could be successful. She has the highest degree of professional integrity I’ve ever known, a quality I have struggled with working with attorneys in the past. Her knowledge and commitment to her client’s success is exemplary. Not only did she handle the case with great care and professionalism, but she guided me through all of it, ensuring I understood every step. She stood firmly for what is right and fought hard for justice in my case. I am very grateful for her skills and how she handled my case. I would never hesitate to refer anyone to her and if ever I needed an employment attorney again in the future I would turn to Elizabeth. She sets the “bar” for what attorneys should be and how they should practice. I can not thank her enough for handling a very difficult part of my life.”

“Elizabeth gave me the advice and counsel that I needed in an extremely timely manner. Her hard work and deep subject knowledge gave me the result that I needed. If I am ever in another similar situation, I will most definitely go to her again.”

“The qualities that first captured my attention were Karine’s self-deprecating sense of humor, smile, and warm personality. Yet as I got to know her, I felt sorry for any opposing counsel who had not done his homework, for Karine is a formidable foe: intelligent, fiery, knowledgeable and always prepared. In short, a pistol. A person of high integrity, Karine is someone whom you can absolutely trust. She gets the job done, and does it right the first time. I am honored to know her professionally and as a good friend.”

“Karine is extremely competent and knowledgeable in her field. You get the feeling that she loves what she does and it shows. She is highly professional and easy to talk with. She is a great listener and communicator. It is obvious that Karine holds herself to the highest of ethical and business standards. She does a great job of keeping her clients informed. She has patience and an excellent understanding of the law. She is always on top of her game, when you send her an email or message you can be sure that she will get right back with you. Karine is just a nice person too!”

“I strongly recommend Karine Bohbot and her law firm. She is an amazing attorney. Karine and her firm are intensely committed to client needs and success. I say can say this from personal knowledge since she has been our corporate counsel for over 10 years. In that time, we have never thought of retaining the services of another attorney or firm. Karine conducts herself in such a manner that flies in the face of public opinion and stigma typically attributed to attorneys. My company would not be where it is if it were not for the expertise, care and attention to detail Karine and her firm have provided and continue to provide on a daily basis. Our company rarely finds an opportunity to suggest, endorse or recommend with a clear conscience. So, when Karine asked if would do so, were very excited at the chance to let everyone know about her and her services.”

“Elizabeth was wonderful to work with. We hired her to help with a range of HR issues and she was excellent. She was extremely thorough, prepared a final product that met our needs perfectly, and she went above and beyond in advising us. She also differentiated herself from other lawyers I have hired in the past because she was always very prepared and was quick to respond to requests.”

“Karine is a consummate professional and excellent in her craft. She is compassionate about her clients’ often difficult situations and is willing to work tirelessly and tenaciously on their behalf. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

*Important: Bohbot & Riles, PC does not guarantee any results. The results portrayed here were dependent on the facts of the specific cases. Results will differ based on the specific facts of any individual case.